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History Immigrants in History, Part One

Immigrants in History, Part One

A new monthly blog feature: we will be spotlighting an immigrant from American history that you may have never heard about. These are immigrants who made a real difference in American history but aren’t as well known today as they should be. Our inaugural figure is John Peter Altgeld. John Peter was born in Germany …

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Immigrants in History Les Mis, 1848, and the Know Nothings

Les Mis, 1848, and the Know Nothings

1848 was a year of uprisings throughout Europe. Different countries called them different things although the word ‘Spring’ was prominent, as in the ‘People’s Spring.’ They arose in widely diverse nations but shared many similarities. France, Ireland, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, parts of the German States, all experienced popular uprisings spearheaded by the middle and working …

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